House Rules and Information

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Jen and Steve's Air Bnb

General rules and info...

  • Please park on the street directly in front of the house.
  • Please refrain from loud noise after 10pm. In return we acknowledge that with having 3 boys living here some of the time it might be us that needs to keep the noise down - if at any time you are being disturbed please do not hesitate to let us know!
  • There is a laundry basket in the bedroom closet for your used towels/sheets.
  • Please be aware that the space is at the top of a fairly steep staircase, featuring 14 stairs and a handrail.
  • There are three folding chairs in the closet of the TV room in case extra seating is needed. You are welcome to move the desk out to create a table for playing cards or a game.

Use of kitchen area...

  • PLEASE don't use more than one appliance at a time. Unfortunately each item is a high-draw appliance and we don't want to trip any breakers.
  • As we are not able to provide a complete kitchen with a sink we are happy to take care of any dirty dishes. Please put them in one of the large baskets and leave it outside the door at the bottom of the stairs. We will wash and return the dishes.
  • We both try to live as eco-consciously as possible and ask our guests to do the same. Please use the compost and recycling bins provided underneath the appliances.
  • There is regular coffee (larger canister) and decaf coffee (you guessed it - smaller canister), a variety of teas, and milk and sugar available. PLEASE NOTE: The coffee maker has a permanent mesh basket filter, so don't worry if you don't spot any filters!

Use of bathroom...

  • Please open the window when you shower to allow the steam to escape. Also, if privacy is not a concern please leave the bathroom door open.
  • If you find that in your rush to go exploring you forgot your toothbrush or toothpaste we are happy to provide them for you. Spares can be found in the basket under the sink.
  • Each bedroom has two full towels in the closet. Spare hand towels and wash cloths can be found in the TV room closet.

Use of tv/spare bedroom...

  • Please ensure that the futon is out from the wall by a few feet before turning it into a bed. PLEASE NOTE: In order for the futon to be a full double bed you need to utilize the bench and mini-mattress as well.
  • There is a mattress pad, sheets, pillows and a duvet in the closet.
  • There is an 'Air BnB Guest' account set up in Netflix, which can be accessed with the Smart TV button on the primary remote.

Use of outdoor space...

  • Please feel free to use the backyard to sit and relax and enjoy the peaceful natural setting. In order to access the yard please use the gate around the side of the house by the garage.
  • Please feel free to enquire about the use of a bike.

Settled in and ready to head out?

Dundas / Hamilton offers plenty to keep you busy - get more info on exploring nature, local attractions, heading out to grab a bite and/or a drink and the cultural goings on of this great area!